Nepal Television was established in January 1985 with the slogan “Communications for Development.” The television broadcasting in Nepal is completing its 27 years with Nepal Television’s growth in fulfilling its social responsibility. NTV era is also a benchmark of professionalism in areas of information, education, health and entertainment. In the past two and a half decades, Nepal Television is accessible in the mountainous, hilly and Tarai belts of the country. In this period and in the changing political context, Nepal Television is committed to promoting pluralism and protecting the typical Nepali cultures and strengthening the national unity. The second channel of Nepal Television is especially popular among the youth. Nepal Television has earned the reputation in the production of documentaries on areas of historical and cultural importance. It also practises risk-journalism.
                                      Watch Nepal Television Live NTV has continuously strengthened its technological capacity. It is now airing programmes through the terrestrial, satellite and digital networking. The signal of Nepal Television covers more than 50 countries which also blankets 50 percent of the total land mass and reaches to 72 percent of the country’s population. NTV and its second channel are not only ensuring people with their right to information through 19 transmitting stations but providing them effective educational materials and contributing to overall developmental activities. NTV’s role as a public broadcasting agency is commendable for bringing about social change and people’s awareness. It has been raising the people’s voices for peace and prosperity and enhancing the dignity of Nepal at home and abroad. The transmission of NTV has expanded widely in the past twenty five years. Accepting the changes in mediascape, NTV is fulfilling its social responsibility with a sense of excellence and professionalism. NTV has been producing and broadcasting news, documentaries, telefilms, comedy shows, interviews and other productions and entertainment programmes by incorporating politics, economy, health, culture, ecology, sports, human rights and other issues of social lifein them. Founded and facilitated by the state, Nepal Television as a public broadcasting house is bridging the Nepali dialects and diasporra for which it remains the leader in broadcast arena.(Source: NTV)

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